“These designs make me feel happy to be different - my child loves them too.”

- Paloma Faith



Once upon a time, Paloma Faith - artist, style icon and mother - was adrift in a world of prams that did not suit her personality. “I felt like I had to become someone else to be a good mother”, she recalls. Then she met Cosatto, the brand on a mission to save the world from boring baby stuff. The rest is history.

Together we’ve created an exquisite collection that’s pure Paloma and pure celebration, unleashing wild prams and pushchairs reflecting her quirky style and warrior nature. 

“I wanted to show my child it’s ok to stand out from the crowd and have a joie de vivre about all things.”

- Paloma Faith

Job done. Welcome to joie de vivre on wheels.


“Dressing up is like therapy.” - Paloma Faith

Faithful to her vision. Paloma admires her handiwork with Vicky, Cosatto’s Creative Director.


Extremely exclusive, extremely embroidered. Crafted with over a million stitches, Paloma’s Anarchy in the Nursery design pram is the rarest beast with only 100 available worldwide.


That’s what we call a creative force. Right there.



Paloma Faith has over a million followers on social and is a force for empowerment of young women.

With her supercharged creativity and passion for fashion these prams are Paloma’s rallying cry.

Prams are the first thing you tend to buy as a parent-to-be so they’d better be beautiful. Embark on your wild adventure with breathtaking prams inspired by catwalks, the Eastern wilds and street style - via Paloma’s London roots.

Raw yet refined, rebellious yet pretty, these designs shake up the rules and wake up the world. So take to the streets with Paloma. More power to you.


The world in your sights. It started with a sketch then took flight. Start where you are and the possibilities are endless. Paloma said so.


“If i see something i like, i dress like it.”

- Paloma Faith


Paloma tearing up the rulebook. Cosatto’s Creative Director Vicky loving it.




A front row fixture at the world’s catwalk shows, Paloma has a natural flair for spotting trends - and an uncanny sense for what is at once extraordinary and irresistibly appealing. She is a true talent with a unique view of the world.

“Paloma is not afraid to be herself and stand up for what she believes in. This is also a Cosatto sentiment. This is what drew us to her.”

- Vicky Morley, Creative Director, Cosatto


The Leopard Print Design

First off. From footwear to interiors to the latest couture collections, leopard print is the darling of the high street. This massive trend is set to run and run.

Secondly, this leopard print is Paloma Faith leopard print. Say no more.

Take to the streets with this unflinchingly bold statement piece. Get ready for the revolution with the Paloma Faith pram that’s putting the cat in catwalk. Pounce on the pavement and sound your roar.

This is fierce freedom.

One proud mother. Warrior pose. Warrior pram.


‘ANARCHY IN THE NURSERY’ - The Embroidered Tiger Design

Discover the wildest Wow Pram and Pushchair yet. Fiercely untouchable. Ridiculously desirable. With only 100 in the world, this is the rarest beast. It’s full-on maximalist and full-on Paloma, with rich embroidery echoing ancient eastern decoration and crafted with over a million stitches. Stand out from the crowd Paloma-style with the ultimate ornamental pram.

Outrageously opulent. Outrageously rare. Crafted with over a million stitches.


Important: These are ‘work in progress’ images. The products in these images do not represent the final versions and should not be considered as such.



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